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J. Archer Avary (he/him)

Founder & EIC 

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J. Archer Avary is a former TV journalist and champion lionfish hunter.

He was born in Albuquerque NM and lived in several cities including Omaha NE, Atlanta GA, Asheville NC, and Milwaukee WI before leaving the USA for the Cayman Islands in 2014.

His debut novella, THE DOG SITTER, was released in 2021 via Daily Drunk Press. 

After a two-year stint in Guernsey (UK Channel Islands), he relocated to the Northeast of England where he lives with his wife. 

Your Name Here?

We can always use a helping hand


Send us an email at with GREEN M&Ms in the subject line. Tell us what makes you tick and what you can bring to Team Sledge. No experience? No worries. WE kind of make things up as we go along...


Paxton Grey (he/they)


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Paxton Grey is a non-binary, transmasculine poet and software developer. He was raised in Virginia and has a degree in computer science. His dog, Milo, keeps him company in his apartment in Richmond, Virginia. In his free time, he's gaming, writing, or reading.

His work can be found, or is forthcoming, in Palette Poetry, Hobart After Dark, Sundog Lit, Pithead Chapel, Empty Mirror, and more. 

Darren Beaney

Special Projects Editor

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Darren J Beaney is part of a collective who host a regular spoken word night in Brighton/Zoom - Flight of the Dragonfly and also publishes Flights a quarterly e-journal of poetry, prose and flash.


He has published two pamphlets with the Hedgehog Poetry Press - Honey Dew and The Machinery of Life. 


He cuts his own hair. He loves Marmite. His favourite author is George Orwell, he owns far too many t-shirts and he listens to a lot of punk rock.

He has a website: 

Madeleine Tomasoa

Assistant Editor 

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Madeleine Tomasoa is a writer from Jakarta, Indonesia. 


You can find Madeleine's words in Sledgehammer Lit, Functionally Dead, Severine Lit, Querencia Lit, and WryTimes. They have also written for videogames and have produced music videos.


Currently Madeleine can be found watching cars going around in a circle for fun.

Mary Senier (she/her)

Assistant Editor

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Mary Senier is a poet from the Black Country whose work often centres around place and identity.


She has been writing ever since she can remember and spent her childhood filling notebooks with all manner of stories.


It was after moving to Wales for her psychology degree that Mary’s love of poetry began to flourish. Often, Mary’s poetry attempts to unpick the conflict of feeling at home in a place that is not her own.


Previously, Mary has been published by Sledgehammer Lit, The Alchemy Spoon, Ample Remains, The Madrigal and others.

Avery Nguyen (they/them)


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Avery Nguyen writes from MIT, where they are a chemical engineering undergrad and moonlight alternately as a materials scientist, nuclear engineer, and words enthusiast.

Erica Hom



Erica Hom is a writer, educator and artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She holds a BA from the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied English linguistics and Russian Literature.


Her poetry has been featured in Line Rider press, Cashing Shadows Magazine, Crow and Cross Keys, Rhodora Magazine and Bloom Magazine. She has poems forthcoming in Voices from the Attic, orangepeel mag and Swim Press. She is also a poetry reader for Sepia Journal and a former Artist in Residence at the East Coast Asian American Student Union.


In between writing poetry, she is probably painting, mixing homemade tea blends or whispering to her houseplants. You can find more of her writing on instagram at @e.h.writing

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Melody Wang



Melody Wang currently resides in sunny Southern California with her dear husband and wishes it were autumn all year ‘round.


She obtained her MSW at the University of Southern California, and her poems are published or forthcoming in various journals including West Trestle Review, Eclectica Magazine, Rat’s Ass Review, Sledgehammer Lit, and One Art Poetry Journal.


She enjoys reading, tinkering on the piano, hiking, baking, and playing with her dogs.

Bianca Grace (she/her)


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Bianca Grace.jpg

Bianca Grace is an Australian writer living in constant fear of drop bears and magpies.


She is the girl who framed her business degree and became the most overqualified supermarket cashier instead.


When she was ten, surgeons removed a bone-breaking tumour from her thigh and replaced her femur with sea coral. She is thirty now, and her legs have not yet transformed into a mermaid tail. Chances are she will carry on dreaming, just like a poet.


Her work has appeared in Anti-Heroin Chic, Selcouth Station, Ample Remains and is forthcoming in Capsule Stories.

Anna E. Fullmer (she/her)


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Anna E. Fullmer Bio Pic (1) (1).JPG

Anna E. Fullmer lives in sunny Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband and two doggies, Bowie and Wilson.


By day, she works as a Youth Library Assistant at Cleveland Public Library, slinging story times and songs about the ABCs. By night, she sings and plays okayish harmonica with her mostly-family band, Self Taught No Lessons.


She writes songs, poems, and to-do lists. Her poetry has appeared in FEED, 3 Moon Magazine, Not Deer Magazine, and The Daily Drunk. 

Marie Little 


Author pic.jpg

Marie is a writer and mum of three based in the East Midlands. She has degrees in Creative Writing and used to be a Primary School Teacher.


2021 marks a fresh start for Marie’s writing, with her first submissions to online lit mags. Marie has poetry/flash fiction featured/forthcoming in: Ink Sweat and Tears, Cool Rock Repository, Fevers of the Mind, Catatonic Daughters, Re-Side, Sledgehammer Lit, Selcouth Station, Anti-Heroin Chic, Honeyfire Lit, The Birdseed, Full House Lit Mag and more.


Marie is often upset by the greengrocer’s apostrophe. Oh, and she’s also writing a middle grade novel.

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