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  J. Archer Avary • The Dog Sitter 

The Dog Sitter by J. Archer Avary
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“The Dog Sitter walks us through deli culture, dating and the roleplaying we do in our twenties trying to find the rent as well as ourselves, off the leash of our capitalistic masters.”

    • Kristin Garth, Author of Let Me Tell You About The Liars and other books

“Whether you're a cat person, dog person, or one of those weirdos with a tortoise in a tank under a grow light in your basement, The Dog Sitter resonates. Grab an IPA and settle in.”

    • Anita Levin, EIC of HASH Journal

“A verily delightful escapade capturing the hyperreal anxieties of dog-sitting and the uncanny absurdity hiding within plain sight amidst the ordinary and mundane. Sharply written, packed with darkly subdued humor, and narrated with an expert tongue-in-cheek sensibility, J. Archer Avary has written a good boy of a novella here, which deserves many treats!”

     • Matthew Burnside, author of Wiki of Infinite Sorrows and other books

"An absolute joy. Fun, funny, and with J. Archer Avary's trademark wit and style. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

    • JP Seabright, Asst. Editor Full House Literary Magazine and Authour of No Holds Barred chapbook (out 2022)

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