Sledgehammer Chaps 


Welcome to Sledgehammer Chaps, a series of handmade, limited-edition chapbooks featuring exuberant poetry from creators of all backgrounds.

What's the deal? Ideally, we would like to publish one awesome new chapbook every month. There's no shortage of talent, but we'll probably start slow in late 2021 and work our way of monthly releases in 2022. 

What happens when the limited edition sells out? the chapbook will be made available as a free, digital PDF


What are we looking for? Energy and lots of it. For the Sledgehammer Chaps series we are hoping to publish small collections that dazzle with baked-in exuberance and stand cohesively as an artistic statement.


As always, we appreciate technicolour 

imagery, acrobatic turns of phrase, and a strong sense of place. Crack open your shell and let your inner yolk flow. 

We want to see the beauty within the ugliness. Pieces that peel back layers of the onion to reveal inner truths. Give us contradictions, vulnerability, whimsy, weirdness. Be a goofball if that's what it takes. Give us sarcasm with sincerity. Make us laugh or make us cry, but above all make us FEEL something. Be yourself, quirks and all. We adore surprises. 


And this pretty much sums up our style:

Throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. 


Meat Draw by J. Archer Avary

released May 2021

More than just a proof-of-concept for the Sledgehammer Chaps series, this debut poetry collection from the Sledgehammer EIC is a thick-cut slice of island life, in equal parts raw and well done. Limited to 25 copies.



WATCH THIS SPACE: More info on Sledgehammer Chaps subscriptions coming soon. It's a great way to get your hands on some great poetry in attractive, limited-edition volumes, while supporting independent authors at the same time.

Submit (closed)

Send chapbook manuscripts in .doc or .doc(x) format to:

SPECIFICATIONS: please submit up to 20 pages of poetry, flash, or impossible to classify hybrid pieces in a single document. 

PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED MATERIAL: yes, as long as previously published work comprises <50% of the collection, that the author has the right to republish, and that previously publishers are credited in the acknowledgements. 

PAYMENT & FEES: no fee to submit, but authors will be paid based on the number of copies sold. It won't be much but it's something! 

COVER ART: if you have an idea we will do our best to bring it to life. We want your chapbook to be something you'll be proud of like, forever. 

FORMATTING/LAYOUT: we'll work on this together once accepted for publication.


RESPONSE TIME: Sledgehammer is usually pretty quick, but chapbook submissions are more involved and might take more time.

COVER LETTER: let us know a little about who you are and what makes you tick.

AUTHOR BIO: upon acceptance, and we'll probably allow you 150 words to ramble on about your bad self.


● By submitting to us, if accepted, you grant us first world print rights and non-exclusive archival rights.

● All submissions remain the intellectual property of the artist. Rights revert to author upon publication.

● Please credit Sledgehammer Lit if your work is republished in the future.

RACISM/SEXISM/HOMOPHOBIA/ ETC is never welcome at Sledgehammer.