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Your Daily Horoscope by Andrea Krause

Sometimes everything is easy

Sometimes everything is easy

- Caravan, Blur

You there, gripping your mug handle

too tight, struggle drunk, cup steaming—

Take a shower, shake yourself

soapy, wake the bubbles, then bust

like a tantrum, drain yourself into

viscous whispers. Think of all the ways

to hang on: barnacles, taxidermy, airplane

up with physics. Persist like a photocopy

flash, echos stung to eyes. Keep

everything easy as close as wind

and splinters. It’s molecular,

this disorder. Entropy and all that

whatever—it's not just you, your

imagination isn't that good. We could

talk all day about this. Instead,

make a simple salad, greens

from the garden out back, sunflower

seeds, a nice vinaigrette.

Wear a mood ring as a contingency.


Andrea Krause (she/her) lives in Portland, Oregon. Her work is forthcoming in Moist Poetry Journal and Eunoia Review. She introverts inconspicuously on Twitter at @PNWPoetryFog.

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