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Why I have a problem when people say Wuthering Heights is a great romance by Jane Ayres

Let’s be honest, Catherine and Heathcliff might have enjoyed a long and happy union if they weren’t such a selfish pair of arseholes, as a result of which they lived their toxic lives

creating a messed-up trail of destruction, hurting and abusing people who loved them because

they fucked up their so-called relationship, letting pride, snobbery and stubbornness dictate

their decision-making.

If only they’d bloody well had an honest conversation or two instead of wasting energy

brooding, manipulating, complaining and being plain cruel.

I just wanted to knock your stupid heads together.

Come to think of it, Romeo and Juliet would have benefited from similar advice.


UK based Jane Ayres completed a Creative Writing MA at the University of Kent in 2019 aged 57. She has work in Confluence, Postscript, Dissonance, The Agonist, Lighthouse, Viscaria, The Sock Drawer, Streetcake, The North, The Poetry Village, Scrittura, Door is a Jar, Marble, Agapanthus, Kissing Dynamite and The Forge. Twitter: @workingwords50

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