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We Turned Humans by Elisha Oluyemi

tell it on the hills and peaks / what has made the crackers crack the night / what has caused the birds to chirp a tune / what has chiselled a smile up our faces

up till four hours and two the other night / it reeked of burning / of tempests and of / darker shades of red and grey which / when perceived are triggers of dripping clouds / the air we breathed did have a lot of wonders

the air we breathed did flow within a frame so great / so great that we soon forgot our consciousness / as we flitted about horizons bathed in blue and . . . and red / the frame exuded a mass so "Hitler-ry" / so "chameleonic"/ so "Idi Amin"

and it wasn't long before we uncovered / a heap of the reaper's souvenir / bony hubs and grails of crimson streams / all adorning the frame that always trapped our air

at the fullness of time came a quaky bolt / soon all is hush / and calm / and green

four hours and two soon passed by / and we would turn humans again / very beings made for pops and smiles / rather than a lifetime of groans and shivers / even as we join the birds in their rare chirping chorus.


Elisha Oluyemi is a versatile creative writer, author, and editor. His writings, short stories and poems, have been published in various literary magazines such as Spillwords, League of POETS, The Shallow Tales Review, Paracosm Literary Journal and a few others. When not writing you'd find him engrossed in music. He tweets @ylisha_cs.

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