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  You could have a big dipper   

We're All Honor Students Here by Jessica Evans

Mr. Parnell wants to know the three parts of the atom. Singsong, we recite the three constituents. The Positive Polly/Patrick pack, charged and effusive, regurgitate the loudest. They know how to take up space, all ankle socks and charm, crew cuts and polos. The other half of class mumbles, sizzling with the kind of electricity that comes with knowing the grades don’t matter, only pedigree and inheritance. And then there’s Heather, electron for them all, crouching down low in her seat. She oscillates this world but never has anything to offer and so much to gain.


Jessica Evans writes from Arlington, VA. She is the EIC for Twin Pies. Her chapbook, Phanton Griefs and Kitchen Magic, is forthcoming in late 2021. Her work can be found in The Lousiville Review, Typehouse, Louisiana Literature, Outlook Springs, and elsewhere. Connect with her on Twitter @jesssica__evans

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