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  You could have a big dipper   

We are genderfull by Laura Moverin

All long nails, big thighs and anxiety

We are torn dresses, wild hair and mud in the forest

We find ourselves meditating under trees

Sometimes we are lightning dancing in a cave listening to the roaring wave

We are the scent of cognac and the sound of manic laughter

Outside the cave bees and butterflies play

Sometimes we are red wellie boots, a muddy scuffed T-shirt, a warm vest

A flash of purple eyes

Here violet and burgundy meet the deep sea

Where giant squid and angler fish

Swim with nameless creatures

It’s turtles all the way down

We are rare like unicorns

Soft like a flame in the dark

We are searching for where the sound is coming from

Sometimes we are hammers and shovels and turquoise toenails

Cross stitch and a welding arc

Leather jackets and silk dresses

Little bones and big spirits

or super soft shorts, jock straps and knee length socks

We are beautifully alive

A wind blowing across a wide desert

Some call us witches

We pull all of this from a child’s dress up box

We make it all a theatre performance

And then laugh with the quiet discovery

That we are also mountains, some sea and a constellation of star dust.


Laura is a writer and artist who works with children for a day job. Originally from Africa they now reside in Brisbane. In their spare time they pursue witchcraft and other forms of activism in hopes of making a better world.

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