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Warrior by Deveree Extein

I am girl with a peculiar rage

something like a scaly creature wrapped

around my shoulders, poised to strike

I am an imposter

a girl who wears a kind face

a gentle mouth

that still spits obscenities

soft hands that still

can hold a sword and shield

I think of myself as a warrior or hero

someone who needs no rescuing

I've fought for this kingdom

and I won't give it up to you

I run with wolves and

scream with the crows

I became one with the wild

you should be afraid


Deveree (she/her) lives deep in the swamps of Louisiana, with her kitten, Luna. While she's been a writer for her entire life, she only began writing poetry in her late teens. Her debut collection, ‘Flicker poems’, was published in 2019. When she isn't writing, she likes to paint, play guitar badly, and watch ‘Gone with the Wind’. She tweets @devextein.

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