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  You could have a big dipper   

Untitled by Maddie Hill

dear ,

you do not get to read this poem


and because

i do not want you to.

i hope you do not mind, but

i have redacted some parts

in relation to

and all the rest. i tell myself

there is no use to a poem if

nobody reads it so it is either

that i force myself to be palatable

or i force myself to share

. so i will simply

withhold and this way we can

all be happy. well, except for

and me too sometimes.

the thing is,

. about once a week,

i still and cry

because of the .

maybe i could’ve if i

i regret

. whatever.

i’ve gotta just ,

accept that

. and i think, in the end,

. maybe someday

we’ll look back and laugh, me and



warm regards,


Maddie Hill (she/her) is a young trans actor and writer from Arizona. She has appeared in productions such as Hershel and The Hanukkah Goblins at the Scoundrel and Scamp Theater, and has been published in With Confetti magazine and Celestite Poetry. She enjoys writing about her experiences with gender, mental illness, and body positivity. She can be found on Twitter at @madelinekhill.

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