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  You could have a big dipper   

Unlucky boy lives forever by Nate Hoil

Stoned rock n rollers in the public restroom

with no shoes on

spit old wet cigarette butts.

Stoned rock n rollers line up

at every vending machine cash in hand

sit out in the patio with

spiders in their ear

canals so they never get any peace

and quiet. The radio sings

Will you be my blowjob machine?

Sudden tempo changes affect moods.

Fever twitching spider legs sex walk

down the metal pole.

Jesus of Nazareth wets his whistle.

Stoned rock n rollers roll another one up and

smoke it.

Change the subject at the dinner table.

“I recognize this country as

a lot of things.

I recognize this country as a lot of

things.” The country drills holes

in dirt and patients.

There is a lot of food and medication here.


Nate Hoil is not who he says he is. You can find more of his work at Twitter/instagram- @natehoil

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