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Tums Help Sometimes by Chloe Feffer

Nausea becomes me

Not once, not twice

But three times in a row

Or has it been a week yet?

It’s hard to tell when the days

Blend together

The world, whole,

Tilted on its axis remains

Held there by a toothpick

And I eat so much watermelon in the summertime

That when August

Comes I drive past the man

On Atlantic Ave who sells it out of his truck

The nausea hits again

It’s been a week already and

Though it’s only July

I might have eaten too much

Because my teeth are stained pink

My hands are stained red

And if I think hard enough

I’m not here

It’s not the days that make me nauseous

No, the hours are alright

It’s really just too much of a good thing.


Chloe Feffer (she/they) is a writer and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. In their writing, Chloe explores the queer experience of trauma, love, familial relationships, and longing for the earth. Find their work in Lesbians are Miracles Mag and Follow them on Instagram @oh_chlo and on Twitter @compooterbaby.

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