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Title: Deleted: unknown – Yesterday – 00:48 by Ashley Varela

Transcription Beta

“Just so you know I’m not like obsessed or anything I just want to know if you know he said anything about me like recently or I dunno in the last month but don’t um tell him I asked obviously I don’t wanna make it seem like I’m desperate or anything because well I’m not ____ just like if some Sunday he happened to ask oh hey whatever happened to that girl you know the one who sometimes ____ in the middle of the sermon and uh always stole an extra communion ____ and like never closed her eyes during the altar call then um maybe you could just um kinda roll your eyes or something and shrug as if to say like oh her she’s doing really well I hear she’s seeing some new god…”


Ashley Varela is a queer writer & author based in Seattle, Washington.

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