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Till Dust Do Them Part by Evie Groch

“Natur is weder Kern noch Schale, “Nature is neither kernel nor shell,

Alles est mit Einemmale.” “but is both at the same time.”


The Atom

No beginning and no end -

In the Garden it had a closer

relationship to Eve than did Adam.

Yet we know nothing of its

character, form, weight, and size.


Force and Matter to become one,

pledge fealty to each other

by length of eternal clocks,

invite their circle of loyal onlookers

to witness their vows,

applaud their seamless union.

The Union

One made in heaven cannot compare

with the unbroken interwoven

cycle of matter and force.

To separate one from the other

is to destroy the fabric of the universe.

The Wedding Dance

It celebrates two as one

with rings in undeniable

gravitational attraction,

swinging each other round

and round until they spin as one.

The Honeymoon

The intrinsic charm of attraction

extends its magic to keep the fire

going and allow no rest.

Motion is all there is.

The Divorce

It is not an option, disallowed by laws

of nature and those of spirit.

Life without struggle has no charm.

What is done to one is felt by the other.

The Death

They do not exist without each other

and must remain locked in motion forever.

If you deliver them to death,

return them to dust, out of their

coffin will spring the blossoms

of a new life.

The Headstone

There will be no burial,

no marker or dates,

for like a poem, there can

be no separation of content

and form and no end to

the committed joining.

The Reflection

Without the finite, there is no infinite.

Without time, there is no eternity.

Without an eye, there is no seeing.

Without a brain, there is no thinking.

Without matter, there is no force.


Evie Groch supervises in Graduate Schools of Education. Her opinion pieces, humor, poems, short stories, & recipes have been published in the New York Times, The SF Chronicle, The Contra Costa Times, The Journal, Games Magazine, anthologies and online. Her work has won her recognition and awards. Traveling inspires her.

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