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  You could have a big dipper   

Theft by Lori Cramer

I’ve made up my mind.

I’m gonna do it.

I’ve been thinking about it a long time, rolling it around in my brain, but when I told the guys my idea they roared so loud I thought there was a thunderstorm outside. They think I’m too stupid, too slow.

I’ll show them.

I mean, okay, I’ve got no experience, I’ve never done this before, but so what? I’m a quick study, a fast learner. I believe in myself. Even if nobody else does.

There’s no time to waste, so here I go: off and running to steal second base.


Lori Cramer’s short prose has appeared in The Cabinet of Heed, The Drabble, Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, MoonPark Review, Truffle Magazine, and elsewhere. Her work has been nominated for Best Microfiction. Links to her writing can be found at Twitter: @LCramer29.

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