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The Warring States: Rhyming Slang and Codes of the Big Stone Gap by Anthony St. George

FBI Report, Central States Administration, Chicago, Year 6

Summary: Little is known about the Big Stone Gap rebels, but from June of this year until November, our undercover linguist and cryptograph agents (#3076Gab & ABTrenton45, respectively) have deciphered the following codes, spoken and digital. Forthcoming details pending further penetration:

Sample digital communication:

Suspect Alpha: Joanne’s gone fortitude.

Suspect Beta: Naah, ‘sa play. She’s a charmer. Gone done lifted some shineys. Gestated fra the Lord Above.

Sample Transcript of Meeting Discussion (recorded by ABTrenton45):

Boomer 1 (Leader, aka “Larynx Effendi,” Suspect #378): Come t’gether!

Silas (Suspect #18): Seek leaders’ report!

Abu Paco (suspect #Karma3): Our teasers trapped ele-shineys fra Columbus Way, lost some to Nashville boomers. Ask her.

Sister Juanita (non-suspect; captive): Y’all somethin’ fierce, but you mineaswell give up. The Feds are gonna get you fast!

Abu Paco: Cut it, gal. Our AKs are say’n otherwise… our charmers too. We got some funding through foxes of our own.

Silas: Shut it, Paco. She gets back to them, you gone done make them crazy, and they’ll find our farmers.


AKs=Any kind of fully automatic weapon.

Boomers=redheads, foxes (spies), red squirrels.

Charmers=Gang members who infiltrate (“gestate”) legal and financial networks personally.

Down Nashville Way=West or Central States’ Capitulationists; also too: Columbus=North or Central States’ Capitulationists.

Ele=charitable, possibly from eleemosynary, referring primarily to donations from churches, synagogues, and mosques.


Fortitude=Rude, as in “He’s got some fortitude!” (Negative connotation).


Gone done make me crazy=I’ve got it all figured out. In contrast with, “Just damn basic=Too complex to figure out now.”


Teasers=Grandmothers in the network who store supplies and rations in underground cellars.

The Lord Above=Financial databases held by banks and the federal government.

Way over yonder=The Federal Government and its armed forces.

Seek=Peak, as in, “Hide ‘n Seek=Ride the Peak=take the mountain top.”



Request additional time and resources for further study. Location of servers imminent, two months maximum.


Anthony St. George lives with his husband in San Francisco and is currently working on a speculative fiction novel, “Ann History,” and short stories for the accompanying short story collection, “The Warring States.” He has never met a hike or a bird he hasn’t liked. He tweets @asgriobhadh

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