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The Twitter DM Is Where Maybe The Adultery Begins by David Calogero Centorbi

It was innocent and even productive as we talked shop:

writing and wine, writing and bourbon; until that night when you posted

the video of you reading his poetry in Spanish—I’m always had at Neruda—then my wandering began: scrolling for pics of you in your Media, then Googling you.

Eventually, the DM:

“I love your pics and videos

can you post anymore?”

And when you did, I was excited to see what I hoped for, and then,

the 7 letter F-word that night in bed—our romance

began until the consummation brought me to sleep.

The next morning I wanted to send flowers, so I Emojied you

hearts & roses & a wine glass; you Emojied hearts back to me,

not at all aware of what we shared the night before.


David Calogero Centorbi (he/him) is a writer that in the 90's earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. Now, he is writing and working in Detroit, MI. Published work in Anti-Heroin Chic, The Daily Drunk, Drunk Monkeys, Horror Sleaze Trash, Schuylkill Valley Journal-Dispatches, Tiny Molecules, and Versification. He can be found on Twitter: @DavidCaCentorbi

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