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THE TRADE by Gabriel Hart

When I feel

I am far damned too whole

I’m reminded

I am far down two holes

the bottle the woman

I trade I trade

one ecstatic night one ecstatic night

for three days for the rest

rife of my life

with existential my body

doubt soul

trapped in my body: and mind

The Wasteland The quicksand:

my spirit: now for her

the fumes I worry

of a breathing instead of for myself of

corpse course


Gabriel Hart lives in California's High Desert. He's the author of the dipso-pocalyptic twin-novel Virgins in Reverse/The Intrusion. On the heels of his latest poetry book "UNSONGS" Vol. 1, his short-story collection "Fallout From Our Asphalt Hell" will be out this October from Close to the Bone (U.K.)

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