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The Thud of a Body Falling by Abiodun Salako

Let me pretend that i don't love who I love/ that a choke and a kiss can't be the same thing/ that memorizing a person means formula / that time cannot be spelt backwards as emit/emit what? / dark/ sharp blurs/ relic of numbers/ I recall sensations, not you/ calligraphy, not your tongue/ bite marks, not your teeth/ weakness, not the ravagement/ accidents, not something dragging my body, your body out/ what is at the final stage of here?/ It is not I falling/ it is the body of a thud.


Abiodun Salako is a Nigerian Broadcaster, Copywriter, Post Apocalyptic Adam, and resident at sea. In his spare time, he daydreams of Eden. He believes poetry, willy-nilly, is the blood of the soul. His poems have appeared in Africanwriter, Dwartsonline, ThespeakingHeart, WriteNowLit LocalTrainMag and elsewhere. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria. Say hi to him on twitter @i_amseawater.

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