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The Space Between Us by Emmanuel Ojeikhodion

With you, a thrill of frigidness turns me on like a tickling in the waist. The dandelions in my throat reverberates your name. & I won't

be relieved of this shuderness soon. I mean

to say you live inside my head. The reason your gaze

pommels me into another world. I dream

of a walk with you, to pluck a sunflower by a

boulevard & slick it in your hair & feel the ray

of love gleam from our bodies. Each night,

my body unlatches a canoe of longings. Let the

home of your heart be wide open, still as I journey

soon, forthwith. Because whenever we spread our

mouth into a chatter, time kills the moment between

us. & yes, I keep envisaging a world of us where the

eyes of the bigger world is shut out. This aperture on

my skin expands consequently the demarcation between

our bodies. I remember the solemnization of our words,

your teary eyes that day but we never imagined this blank

space would deflate all that we had. My love, feel the turbine

of my heart still spurting our love. & to say that no day

passed without thinking about you.


Emmanuel Ojeikhodion writes from Benin, Nigeria where he's currently reading for a B.A (hons) in English and Literature. He typically writes about the dark. When he isn't writing, he prefers listening to Blues & parading the street of Twitter reading stuffs. He's been published in Rigorous, The Augment Review, Capsule Stories, New Horizon Creatives, The Rising Phoenix Review, Pangolin Review, Ninshar Arts, African Writer & elsewhere. His micro-chap A Loss in September is forthcoming in Ghost City Press (Summer Series 2021). Say hello on Twitter @hermynuel.

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