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The Snip by Niamh MacPhail

(editor's note: portions of this poem's formatting failed to reproduce correctly on our website. We have included the poem in PDF that presents the poem as the artist intended)

The Snip - Niamh MacPhail
Download PDF • 40KB

Remembering Watch me the severance for scrub the blood the second time stains off your this week. Vellum tin foil sheets stretched over this vacuous Mass you call seed. Venerating now this inheritance vasectomy, I list the things you

gave me: Entry Four shudders against tender touch; Entry Eight against tender love. Seventeen

regifts shattered clench sized fists; Entry Nineteen [as above]. Liturgy long repeated I

hold this Mass you call seed.


Niamh MacPhail (she/her) is a writer and musician from the West of Scotland. She is currently completing her Creative Writing dissertation at the University of Glasgow, and her work explores themes of pleasure/pain, materiality, illness, and the boundaries of discomfort. You can find her socials at @niamhrmac.

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