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The Six-Chambered Heart by C.W. Blackwell

A biker bar in Truckee, a roadside motel off highway five, a string of dismal park n’ rides across the Central Valley. She tailed him through every greasy underpass and truck stop parking lot here to the Nevada border while he broke her heart one fifty-dollar hooker at a time. In Del Rey Oaks she found a new heart behind the counter of a discount pawn shop: six-chambers of blued steel with a trigger that tallied each roadside fuck and forged them into lead fire— she gave him her heart, a bouquet of muzzleflashes she made it beat beat beat just for him.


C.W. Blackwell is an American crime fiction author and poet. His recent poetry has appeared in Close to the Bone's 4.4 Series, Versification, The Five-Two, Anti-Heroin Chic, Punk Noir, and Dead Fern Press. His upcoming poetry collection, River Street Rhapsody, will appear in Spring 2022 from Dead Fern Press. Twitter: @CW_Blackwell. Instagram: @cw_blackwell_writer.

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