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The Poet’s Leftovers in Love by Majella Votta

how to kiss a city/summer shedding/ a mid-morning bagel

The last time we talked you made me cry

And I spent a week after wondering

  1. why I had let you and

  2. when did we become so wretched

Talking red/ubiquity/my mother’s tongue

I never understood the silence of it;

How it occurred to no one that maybe youth isn’t a weapon.

Alas, there we were trading ours arms,

Swapping skins for security - the sirens are a quiet thrum between us.

scales/Prince’s Dirty Mind/turning twenty-three

Donna said it’s poetic tragedy,

I see it only as a dampened version of August,

cancelled plans for twisted bedsheets.

But we were only doing what we knew best; maybe.

Velour vomit/snail mail/sleepytime peach tea

There’s a ghost town trapped in my skull

The hush of the muse,

Your ligaments incognito searching for clamour and grace.

Aldi sangria/your brother’s sticky car/worn anthologies

So let the billionaires stay in space

I’m not sure we’re up for the mission.


Majella Votta is a New Jersey-born law student living in Cork City, Ireland. She is a former national Poetry Aloud winner. She enjoys telling people she works in a library, and pretending to be good at chess.

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