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The mess they typed us to be by Zaynab Bobi

laundry stacked on couches, broken glasses on floors,

dead bodies glued to news— pictures in album of our dreams.

we washed the laundries, even the clothes of the bodies.

we swept the glasses, even the ones with their names.

we scoured the screen, even the fetal & statistical ones.

& with chorus of "sigh", we slept.

as we woke up chasing breath, you asked why?

why? because the pictures lived!

& added 200 pupils with bounded wings.

what a mess!

just as they typed us to be.


Zaynab Bobi, from Bobi, Niger State, is a Nigerian writer and photographer. She is a finalist of the voice of peace anthology. She is the treasurer Hilltop creative art, Abuja branch.

Her works are published and forthcoming in Kalahari review, Blue marble review, Slegdehammer Lit, PraxisMag, WRR, Anti-Heroin Chi, Barren magazie, Type house literary magazine, Rigorous magazine, Acropolis journals, AMPLIFY, Olit magazine, The shallow tales review among others.

Social media handles: Twitter @ZainabBobi, Facebook @Zainab Iliyasu Bobi, and Instagram @Zainab_i_bobi

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