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  You could have a big dipper   

the k swiss slush fund by Adam Johnson

the old banker dies

the state government takes half his estate via death tax

the rest goes into a private trust

about 8 million

per the terms of the banker’s pour-over will

for the benefit of his kids

three of them in their teens

the trust is called the k swiss slush fund

that’s what the kids call it

in casual speak you see

none of your official legalese

next house over there is a bunch

of ’96 grads

with silver cavity fillings

sucking on parliament lights

strutting in classic doc martens

black leather with the yellow stitching

one of the kids is hooked on boot cut jeans

and aeropostale

he’s ahead of his time

everyone else is sporting jncos and shorty’s

in the meantime the dad of the house

is on his sixth gin martini

somewhere 8,000 square feet away

he’s ordering from dominos

on a cordless phone

he is insistent that they send him

a two liter of pepsi to mix with his gin

he’s watching melrose place

and cable news is on in


next house

slim jims and mountain dews

a little band of adidas warriors

a mix tape with nerf herder

a broken lava lamp

blacklight nights

cocaine residue

crest whitening toothpaste...

an old receipt from pac sun

ephemeral sex scenes

in low def scramble vision

an idea but no imagery

a scent but no definite smell

a memory

tube socks holding histories

a burning feeling

a burning hell at dawn

something idiosyncratic

there, then gone

like the k swiss reaper himself

next house

a teenager in tommy hilfiger jeans and

a baggy shirt by Results

gold chains, pierced ears...

the older brother is eating frosted flakes from

a popcorn bowl

high on crack

his boyfriend is passed out and

covered in Sharpie

and a moderate to severe case

of plaque psoriasis

the older brother takes a hit of crack

he looks over at you

fixes his gaze

you the stranger

as the smoke escapes his most fuckable lips

right then

right before the fall of the axe

you ask, where do we go from here

and he replies, with the Sharpie in his hand,

“there is art happening in this room.”

and he says, “don’t worry kid, i know a guy

up the block that just died, and his kids

are rolling in k swiss slush.”


Adam Johnson lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota @AdamThenJohnson

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