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The Girl Who Works at the Health Food Store by Laura Stamps


to wear, what to wear? That’s the question.

Yes, it’s one of those mornings. What’s

in my closet? Not much. Forgot the laundry

this week. What to choose, what to choose?

Why not a camouflage halter top and miniskirt?

So far so good. Olive green tights, black ankle

boots, and I’m


Now I’m as green as a romaine leaf or a stalk

of celery. Tasty! Yes, I’m vegan. Me. I grab

my bag and keys and reach for the door, but

something’s tickling my back. Looks like

the satin tags on my bra escaped the halter

top. With every move I make they flap

like tiny flags in a spring


Interesting! Too bad my manager won’t agree.

She reminds me of my mother, always asking

questions I can’t answer. Too many questions.

What am I going to do with my life? When

will I finish college? Do I have goals, do I

have plans? When, what, when? I don’t


The future’s a waste of time. What’s the point?

Nothing is normal anymore. Nothing feels

the same. Never again, never again. That’s

reality. My reality. Forget the future. Isn’t

it enough to be alive? That should count for


Fishing my cell phone out of my bag, I twist

my body like a pretzel, find the best angle

for these bra tags, and snap a selfie for

Instagram. My friends will love it. Or not.

Who cares, who cares, who


Today I’m as green as a romaine leaf or

a stalk of celery. Today I’m on time for

work. And that’s good enough for me.


Laura Stamps is the author of several poetry books, chapbooks, and novels-in-verse.Her book THE YEAR OF THE CAT (Artemesia Publishing) won the Muses Prize and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize (2005).She is also the recipient of 7 Pushcart Prize nominations. You can find her every day on Twitter @LauraStamps16.

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