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The Eagle by Unity

Did you ever

See an eagle

Piss and shit

In the sky

As it soars?

Just releasing

Without thinking

Or breathing

Or caring at all

What anyone says

Either way?

I didn’t choose


So much as I

Opted in

To a more easily manageable

Hair situation. What

Had happened

Was: the boy was

On the couch again

And I hated that

Hated that he was

Still high, that

He didn’t want me

Anymore. That he

Ate all the eggs

Without ever learning

To boil one himself

Hated his fucking

Face. This face will

Improve with egg, I

Surmised, then proceeded

To prove the egg-face

Axiom. I left him

On the couch, egg

Faced and methy

And the cushion

Swallowed him

Up. Before dying

He went back

To prison, he

Returned to Miami

Or Managua

Or New York

In the meantime

I walked back

To the old squat

The one with the

Barber downstairs

I took off my hat

The barber gasped

And began to cut

It’s dumb to be a woman

I thought, or a man

Who cares about

That? You can just

Be a bird, which I was

Floating up there

Shitting out eggs

Above the trees

To land on lovers’ heads

Who betrayed me

Feeding my babies

Warm mush I made

From half-digested

Seed and worm

Singing not to delight

Or entertain, but to

Ward off despicable

Creatures, like exes

Too stupid to get


Of the mundane,

Mythical sort only

Haircuts can trigger


Unity (she/he/they) is a writer and performer who lives one town over from the largest metaphysical store in central New York. This town is called Otego; it also houses the post office where Unity maintains a box. You can send mail to this box if you wish. In fact we encourage it! P.O. Box 508, Otego, NY 13825. These are Unity's first published gay male poems.

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