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The Data You Deserve by Robert Boucheron

Are you researching a topic of vital public interest? Collaborating on a searing indictment? A report that will alter the lives of millions, reshape society, and shift the paradigm?

Quality data doesn’t lie around like socks on the bedroom floor. Think you can count on the United States Census Bureau for up-to-date and accurate data? Think again. National polling services? Recent elections threw them in the trash. Comprehensive market analysis? More fun than the funny pages.

Conspiracy theories cloud the sky, fake news rides the airwaves, and propaganda spreads like smoke from a California wildfire. How do you cut through the toxic haze?

You can conduct thousands of field surveys and in-person interviews. You can devise a rigorous methodology to filter personal opinions, deep-seated beliefs, and unconscious biases. What if your target demographic doesn’t want to talk? Facts are stubborn things, as the saying goes, and people can be difficult.

Let us do the digging. Datadump provides fresh, raw data for academic types, professional trend spotters, and issue mongers. No filler, no cooked-in results, no sly pre-selection. We don’t sugar coat, cherry pick, or caramelize the facts. We do mask personal names and contacts for a responsibly sourced stream of pure, empirical knowledge.

Who needs it? Corporations, as they identify unserved niches and innovate products to fill them. Political campaigns, as they take the pulse of the voting public. Anyone who cares about what happened and what might. If you want to get ahead of the curve and on top of the heap, we can help.

A respected journalist, a winner of prestigious awards, now thinking in a tank, gave us a rave. “When I needed a boost with a piece on terror, the effect it has on sales of guns, canned food, and amulets, Datadump delivered the goods. They had the numbers, presented in a mass that was easy to manipulate.”

A manufacturer of consumer goods, always on the lookout for a new twist or a nifty package, wanted a comparison of male and female hand strength. “Lids, tops, caps, and seals are big in our business. If the customer can’t open the product, we’re screwed. Datadump ripped along the dashed line.”

A watchdog of the baleful influence of money in politics howled our praise. “Is the system corrupt? Datadump allowed us to trace the ties between campaign donors, causes they support, and policies enacted. The most naïve person can draw their own conclusion.”

On your next project, why flounder in a sea of flawed assessments, incomplete files, and contradictory statements? Once you have the facts, you can buttress your argument, hammer out your message, and nail your thesis. From a tranche to an avalanche, get the data you deserve.


Robert Boucheron is an architect in Charlottesville, Virginia. His short stories and essays are in Bellingham Review, Fiction International, Louisville Review, and Saturday Evening Post. His flash fiction is in online magazines. Twitter: @rboucheron

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