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The Clitoris in Relation to Truth by Michael Jones

It derives from the Greek for "little key,"

suggesting that maps have clits, and perhaps

vice versa, which sheds new light on the men

who'd rather stay lost than ask for directions,

who stick with the roads they know, telling

each other that things are the same old same old.

It provides no answers for tests,

because real questions are the only hot ones;

it opens trap doors under Locke and his tabula

rasa, which means "eraserhead,"

as he couldn't have known. Imagine him now:

published in Mind just a year after earning

his driver's license, fearlessly seeking

the nature of truth but never directions.


Michael Jones' poetry has appeared in journals such as Beloit Poetry Journal and Tar River Poetry; also in a chapbook, Moved (Kattywompus, 2016). He has taught in city schools since 1990.

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