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The 3 Myths About Me That Will Break You by Pam Avoledo

1. Every word is lush, spoken without revision

Sometimes the words push ahead of my thoughts, speeding to the end of the sentence as I slam my foot on my mouth. Ellipses wrap around the words as they drive, from noun to verb and repeat, until they lie sideways in the road.

2. Each step has be on a guarded path with a map in my hand

The map, crinkled at the edges, sits on a desk somewhere while I wander a maze. Hand pressed against the glass, I trace the outline with my finger and inspect the cracks reflected in the fluorescent light.

3. An infatuation has a single side

The fling, tangled in the wire of my heart, concentrates itself into my muscles, feeding onto the cells. The break cracks my bone, expanding as the heat fatigues my arms and legs.


Pam Avoledo currently runs the blog, I Want My Pop Culture. She's been published in the White Wall Review and 45 Magazine. Twitter: @iwantmypopcult.

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