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Text Messages to Myself by Isabella Fiore


i’m not dead


i was recently reading an intro to a book about meds and the author was like my body is breaking down but i like meds so

it was dark as fuck and i immediately googled long term symptoms of my meds

also not swag at all

apparently mine isn’t like going to prematurely end my life?

which i mean is a good thing

but also i don’t know if we are certain on that



they’re salt lake city mormons

how have i missed this

i wanted to watch pose but i ended up crying every episode so i had to stop


in today’s episode of nothing is going well

i’m not even wearing eyeshadow


i do actually think poisoning is the most sophisticated murder technique


i’m horny and emotional again

i don’t know if it’s because i’m listening to taylor swift

or if i am inclined to listen to taylor swift in this mood

fuck off

i can see your face rn

it could also have been the smutty fanfic

interrupted rather rudely by debralee assigning a reading

i needed something to hold me over

a woman has needs


isabella fiore (she/they) is a writer who chronicles her experiences through love, sadness, and figuring out what it means to be a queer "woman" in her world. when she is not writing, isabella can be found baking, napping, or wrapping herself in a blanket like a burrito.

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