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Techno Fantasia by Omar Zahzah

give me a sec please i’ve got

these angels sticking needles into

my head. don’t you hate that

lately i’ve been meaning to write

a poem called “techno fantasia” and

it would be all like

trying to imitate technology

like through the language

the poem performs its subject at the lexical level, as the parody of myself

would put it

but no really

it would juxtapose all the facebook notifications and email subject lines with URGENT in them that clearly never get read and that builds, the subject lines get angrier and more frantic and the facebook notifications add up and so do the twitter notifications and the insta ones too and those emails did i mention those and the twist (sorry those angels) would be that i’m trying to write the poem as all this plays out but it’s all like i dunno jumbled all together like real cut up you know ‘beat’ maybe that’s the word except i

never get around to doing it b/c i just don’t think it’s such a good idea and i

feel like you probably would agree.

anyway there’s the wage relation.


Omar Zahzah is a writer, poet and organizer. In 2016, Omar’s chapbook 13 Almost Love Poems was released.Omar holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from UCLA. Twitter: @dromarzahzah

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