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  You could have a big dipper   

Tarantula Sandra by Sarah Grey

Whap Bap Bap

Tarantula Sandra will pick up your weed,

strewn on the ground,

tangled in cat hair.

Smoke it up!

Cat hair weed!

Whap! Bap! Bap!

Tarantula Sandra is here for you—

Poke you in the rib cage.

Because she is Tarantula Sandra.

She’ll stop at your child’s lemonade stand,

buy a cup of garbage,

and ask for a royalty.

You didn’t see—

Tarantula Sandra changed the sign:


Whap bap bap! Ba-aaa-p!

Tarantula Sandra has jokes.

The joke is always on you.

Watch your sweater for spilled milk!

It’s expired.

Kept secret.

Hidden in the fridge—

behind the Miracle Whip nobody notices.

There, just in case

Tarantula Sandra needs your yellow sweater

Doused in a new yellow: rotten dairy chunks.

Walap bap bap bap!

Tarantula Sandra sits at her desk,


For anyone.

She’ll stick out a leg or five.

Trip you on your feet.

Gotta keep you off your toes,

That’s what she’d say.

But not the old man

Or the librarian

Or the butcher,

If they even existed anymore.

With the extinction of the butchery,

Tarantula Sandra has been back at the web.




But she’d rather capitalize

Your daughter’s lemonade stand.

(did I mean son?—Tarantula Sandra deems herself gender neutral)

Or buy milk in sheer wait of the spoilage.

Or enter into a Tetris contest under the category

“two-handed” just to sucker fifty-year-olds out of $50.

Or read about President Nixon on Windows 98.

She can be caught in the mirror,

Practicing “I am not a crook!”

But, alas,

Whap bap bap!

Tarantula Sandra spends her paycheck on mulberry silk,

Shipped from Thailand.

To spin her webs.

Where have all the butchers gone?


Sarah Grey (she/her) has been featured in Thrillist for Milwaukee event calendars as well as Red Fez Publications for her short story, “Eggs Break”. She’s taught English at Carroll University and Brookfield Central High School. Currently, she’s a contributing editor for Red Fez Publications but gets paid for making cocktails and selling eyeglasses. Her girlfriend Katie and their dog Juniper frequent adventures in this unstable world.

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