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Sweet -n- Sour by Andie McNamara

When life gives me lemmings,

I will make parachutes.

So the furry little so'n'so's,

On that final, fatal, cliff top jaunt,

Can feel what it's like to fly.

Cradled like rabid, fluffy babies.

Gently floating,

Swaying, falling,

To the waving sea below.

Where, trapped by the weight of silk,

They frantically thrash,

In a futile effort to break free.

Breathe, swim, survive...

God Please! Let me live!!

Please God! I want to live!!

Until slowly,

Exhausted by the cold

And stress,

They drown.

The all too bitter irony,

Of lemming aid.

But hey,

At least I'm doing something!

They say it's the thought that counts.

So, I won't let it get me down.

I'll take that ill-conceived cluster-fuck

And use it as inspiration,

For a poem...

Cos that's what you do..

When Life gives you Lemmings…


Andie McNamara is a Cork based poet who writes on themes such as Relationships, Mother Nature, Mental health, Magic, Coffee and Cats. She's actually quite nice, once you get to know her. She tweets @mcnamara_andie

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