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  You could have a big dipper   

Superwoman on Red Bull by Carla Sameth

Works out, takes the garbage down,

Changes the kitty litter. Goes to her shit

job downtown LA in the basement. Piled paper, red-faced

men. At home later, while God pisses like a racehorse

she comforts rain rattled kitty, holds me tight,

her body pressed close to mine once

crushed with want before want

dulled to need. Hard contours brush

weak knees, touch tender places. She leaves house,

I’m alone. Later lightning strikes more than once.

Thunder shakes our home. I sit before

the lit up curtained window, afraid.

Like wild horses roaming the reservation, she arrives

at night. Hope she’ll mount me. Wrap her body

full circle around me.


Carla Sameths memoir, One Day on the Gold Line, was published in 2019 and her chapbook, What Is Left is forthcoming. Her work appears in literary journals and anthologies. A Pasadena Rose Poet, a Pride Poet, and a former PEN Teaching Artist, Carla lives in Pasadena with her wife. @carlasameth (she/her)

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