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Sledgehammer Update: Submissions Closing 13 June

A note from the EIC:

First of all, a massive thank you to each and every one of our contributors. It goes without saying that we would be nothing without the amazing work that has materialized in our submissions inbox from the day we first opened.

Sledgehammer closes to submissions on 13 June. Submissions will remain closed for about 8-10 weeks but Sledgehammer will hardly be dormant during this time.

  • We will continue to post the raddest in poetry and flash 4x daily every day through the submission hiatus, and we’ll keep the GIFs coming on our Twitter feed.

  • Keep your eyes out for the inaugural call for submissions for Sledgehammer Chaps, our supercool series of handmade chapbooks. The window will be sharp and short so get your best work ready.

  • Sledgehammer is also hoping to expand its team. Keep your eyes out for an announcement regarding staff applications and guest editorships over the summer months. We’ve been a one-man show long enough, it‘s time to grow.

When we started this itty-bitty lit mag on a whim in March, we had no idea what we were doing. Sledgehammer Lit has already exceeded our wildest expectations and we aim to keep riding that lightning for as long as we can.

Thanks again, readers and contributors, great things are ahead.

- J Archer

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