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  You could have a big dipper   

Stretching My Mouth by Clem Flowers

You traded in

Factory callouses

For the blooms

Of a guitar

You lined with

Frozen peony petals

Strapped to you

With hand me down

Bible belts


You couldn't juke

The self medication

That's dogged your line

For ages

The bottle swallowed you up

Like LT on Theisman-


Still hangs on the bone

& now you have

A standing invitation

To return to your newest digs

At the Greyhound station

But you've got

Too much pride

Too much fear

To call home

Cuz you hear

Your failure

On the radio

Of every passing car

Not playing you

At least,

Until you busk enough

For another bottle

Of New Amsterdam


Clem Flowers (They/ Them) is a soft spoken southern transplant living in the colossal shadow of a mountain range in Utah. Nonbinary & bisexual, they enjoy cooking, watching old films, and making many trips to a local bird sanctuary. They live in a cozy apartment with their wonderful wife & sweet calico kitty Luna. George Romero once complemented their Ramones shirt & that was pretty sweet. Twitter: @hand_springs777

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