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Still Life With Dog (haiku sequence) by Matthew Schultz

Not a noble Dane––

still, the great weight of his head

rests upon my lap.

Tearing at a thread

white fluff of cotton comes free

disemboweled chew toy.

Even if I call

or jangle the lilting ball

breath, heavy as sleep.

Beneath the sofa

blown about by passing feet

a tumult of fur.

Giggling child

intoxicated by play

the dog relentless.

Streaks of saliva

dribble down the walls and dry

into a hard crust.

Windowpane headrest––

quotidian surveyor


Roughing up the leaves

to squirrel away a nut––

the aloof hound sleeps.

The dog creeps along

the fence, charting his way through

bothersome raindrops.

A sniff-searching stroll

down the crowded boulevard;

heads turn wildly.


Matthew Schultz (he/him) teaches Creative Writing at Vassar College where he also directs the Writing Center. He is the author of two novels: On Coventry and We, The Wanted. His recent poems have appeared in Rust + Moth, Thrush, and Juke Joint. He tweets @eireprof.

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