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  You could have a big dipper   

Steve Austin Orders Cocktails by James Avramenko

He keeps looking at the

Blackboard above us

Like it’s going to have

The answers

The bar is full and other

Drinkers are glaring at us

I can see him sweating

Not looking at me

Like he’s in the last minute

Of a pop quiz for the class

He always skipped

He mutters his order and

The bartender mixes them up

Quickly, sending us on our way

At our seats I take a sip and

Watch him

The umbrella in his drink keeps

Sticking into his cheek when he

Goes for a sip

After the third stab he says

Goddammit all

And tosses the stick across the room

He goes bright red when he

Realizes he’s hit someone

Looks at me with those lost eyes

And I can feel his hands at

My throat for thirty years as he says

I started seeing someone for my anger


James Avramenko (he/him, @anaveragemango) is a poet and podcaster currently working from Saskatoon, SK, Canada. He is the host of "Friendless" a show about how to be a better friend by losing every friend you have, in which he interviews Facebook connections then unfriends them at the end of the show. He is the author of "BU TT HE AD" a collection of poetry about social anxiety, coping mechanisms, and Dolly Parton.

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