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  You could have a big dipper   


Under the railway overpass. On the cement columns that remain steadfast.

Big enough for a phone number, strong enough to

hold up the cracks where red wine would seep through.

1 x 3 meters – price negotiable.

In fact, we’ll put up flickering screens

so everyone could watch every single night you turned your back

leaving tremors in your wake and fretful texts strung thin and taut

until the next time you’d show up to enjoy coffee, retroactively acidic

which were times worth painfully waiting for.

In fact, we won’t break even for any of this.

As long as you’ll CALL NOW


On those super-fast trains that always arrive too early.

Transit advertising’s super popular these days.

No one can miss the way your palms sweat from sticking together

across time thoughtfully cut away from long hours of work.

Throughout the massive length of the train interior

we’ll plaster a panorama showing

- Kind gestures that made forgiveness look real

- The snapshots you took

( fuzzy outlines forming a pair of old shoes,

stars in black ink bound by calloused fingers,

a lie you didn’t mean to say )

- You going out of your way

- You going your own way

Commuters can enjoy all those times you sat there mindful,

the very times you were also somewhere else entirely.

And the heartache of carving out the forever stretch towards your overcast eyes:

That’s free of charge. Just CALL NOW

What are you selling, a two-bedroom apartment?

An attempt to save the world?

A distorted reflection anchored on a silver earring?

The answer to a question, longform and difficult

laid out in the quiet of your company?


Lenn is a queer writer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She loves brunch and watching the trains go by. Find her on Twitter at @avantgohard.

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