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  You could have a big dipper   

Screen as Total Royal Wave by Clem Flowers

In that too late starbit night

My head dogged

By orange peels &

God's rays

sweet summer

Out by the garbage dump

In the formerly plush

pepper tree grove

All as the

graveyard shift desk clerk

Tried his best

to brighten the halogen catacombs

With cock rock &

Cheap diet coke can bong water

& you told me of your dreams

To pet a coyote

Under a ocotillo

As we stepped

to the plated brass balcony

& the jar of JFK silver dollars

I pocketed

in the glass mountains

Brings us closer every year

To the cinnamon fences,

High pastures of twilight sugarcane

left somewhere out on

The beltway roadside;

"A place to have all our panic attacks

In peace."

You laugh in that way you have

That sounds like


caressing sunflowers

In a forgotten meadow

Just after a light rain

& I feel the tears start in

But I can still

See the fireflies

Even through the fog

& I swear I can hear

From the room beneath ours

"Sunday Morning"

On repeat


Clem Flowers (They/ Them) is a soft spoken southern transplant living in spitting distance of some mountains in Utah. They enjoy cooking, watching old films, and frequently visiting a local bird sanctuary. Nb & bi, they live in a cozy apartment with their wonderful wife & sweet calico kitty.

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