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Sceptical by Arden Hunter

“We’re just friends!”

He likes to shout;

To make a little spectacle.

I disagree inside my head,

But then, I’m less susceptible,

To passing whims,

To fantasies,

Reality: perfectible.

I see what’s there,

Reality: perceptible.

“We’re best friends,”

He says to me,

To keep it all respectable.

I hoard the phrase,

I keep it close;

His syllables, collectible.

I watch his mouth,

Around the word,

Think to myself: delectable.

But keep that too,

The secret burns,


We’re not friends,

They all can see,

And to them,

It’s acceptable.

But not to him;

Inside his head,

It must stay undetectable.

I will not push,

I’ll keep my peace,

I’ll be his lie-receptacle;

“We’re just friends!”

Forgive me, love:

I’m sceptical.


Arden Hunter is an aroace agender writer, artist and performer. With an eclectic range of interests from the horrific to the whimsical, the theme tying all of their work together is an inexplicable and unconditional love for the ridiculous beast that is called 'human'. Find them on Twitter @hunterarden and at

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