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Rosewood Lane by Nat Raum

barring acts of god it’s just my subconscious that

wants to kill me tornadoes gripped me with such fear my

heart skipped every time the treetops swayed (i stopped

hearing the rain fall eventually) strangers drive pickups

up and down the right bank of the creek skidding through

the carport in freefall with locked brakes when it creeps

in sometimes the green brume of a hailstorm still descends upon me

[before i sleep i kneel at my bedside only to count out pomegranate seeds for each circle of hell and line them up like this process of purgatory resembles anything with that much structure before savoring each bite of saccharine sour one by one.]

the underworld is brick and ivy and manicured lawns (i am the

only omniscient narrator here) seventeen gold dollars

under my tongue i’ve done nothing in centuries except run

around looking for doors that lock alleyway whispers hopping

fences under cover of darkness as i keenly gaze across the water


nat raum (they/she, b. 1996, twitter user @sausage_candle) is a queer a multimedia artist and writer currently working towards their mfa at the university of baltimore. their work is based primarily on their experience living with c-ptsd and often takes the form of books and zines that combine writing and visual work. nat is also the founder and editor-in-chief of fifth wheel press.

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