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Roommate Wanted: Must Love Mint by Soph

Avocado rots in the kitchen of our house

when nobody is watching,

like the ghost of the apartment we once inhabited.

They say he drank for laughter but

the listing didn’t mention his humor or


We brought a puppy in

without permission and

the ghost let him stay -

it was the landlord who was angry.

Dying flowers wilted in the sun on the patio

but we couldn’t see

through the blackout curtains.

Now, we let light in, welcoming the new

ghosts we have yet to meet -

we hope they like tea;

we are growing too much mint.


Soph lives in the mountains, where she writes whenever she can. Her recent work can be found in WOW-Women on Writing, where she placed 3rd in the Q3 2021 Essay Contest, Anti-Heroin Chic, Entropy Magazine, and Phoebe Journal. One day, she hopes to run her own tea shop.

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