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  You could have a big dipper   

Rodentia by Karen Southall Watts

Two crows escort a wet, grizzled, rat

From the edge of a yard to the gutter.

They seem like characters from a gothic cartoon

As they mutter to each other and amble along,

Oblivious to the unsettling picture they make.

The rain doesn’t bother them or me,

And I remove my hat to so I can see,

Feel and fully know the rain.

It’s gloomy, grey, and misty wet

And my hair sticks to my forehead.

Soon the sun will be out again,

And all of us dark creatures

Will feel out of place and scurry home.


Karen Southall Watts teaches Humanities at Bellingham Technical College, and Business courses for Canadian College. Her flash fiction and poetry have been featured at Fairfield Scribes, Free Flash Fiction, The Drabble, and 101Words. She is also the author of several business books and articles. Reach her at @askkaren on Twitter

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