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Remembered by the Material by Lee Waddington

A chasm that echoes passages of the past

Fingers that flick through a volume

Creating a blur of reminiscence;

Socks with holes,

Naps on the couch, and

Velvet soft caresses.

Forgetting is always remembering

Pastures new or grooves, worn and smooth

An excavation, deep into the foundations

Reveal textures developed over time

Deep and inescapable, rooted

In the fabric.

Particles, living, left behind

A gift from the departed;

Sunrise to awaken and charm

Dusk that warms

Bobbles on the sofa, well worn

To be remembered by the material.


Lee Waddington currently lives in West Yorkshire. Lee has a Masters’ Degree in Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology and has worked for several Premier League soccer clubs including; Manchester United. A keen writer for over twenty-five years, Lee writes in several formats from short stories to poetry. Twitter: @knowordinaryjoe

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