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  You could have a big dipper   

rearing is this (ribbit) by Caitlan Docherty

hot plum trash in the field—

if there are still bees,

they’re coming.

disruptive procession

of accessory children,

their pudgy arms


candy for stinging.

everything summer is

disposable & starved.

a mothering frog crouches

in the grass, subconsciously grieving

gilled youth, sea legs; her iPhone

11 croaks. rearing is this

obnoxious shutter sound.


Caitlan Docherty is an anxious millennial living in a beige thousand square foot space across from a small prairie. Some of her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Free Verse Revolution, VAINE Magazine, Sunday Mornings at the River Covid-19 Anthology, blood moon poetry & Calliope’s Eyelash. Instagram @cmnpoetry

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