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Reading Betw een the Lines by Alicia Turner

I’ve never met a coward that I

was too afraid to love.

And when I say “love,”

I mean, lose.

And when I say “lose,”

I mean loose lips,


the opposite of closed –


I misplace your name in my mouth,

say you’re only part of you

because you’re part of me,


these messy movements.

Come, let me show you –

the error of our ways words

how we’re all living typos

crying cured cursed

what’s hidden

in plain sight.


Alicia Turner is a grant writer & storyteller from WV. Her work is featured or forthcoming in Voicemail Poems, FreezeRay Poetry, Luna Luna, Defunkt, époque press, Space City Underground, The Daily Drunk, Sybil Journal, ExPat Press, Rejection Letters, Screen Door Review, J Journal, among others. Follow her on Instagram: @leeshycup.

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