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Reaching Out by Alan Bedworth

What are you staring at.

He shouted, swaying

with eyes half closed.

I'll effing have you

if you don't look away.

By now the other passengers

were becoming restless

and started moving

to another carriage.

All of a sudden a frail hand

reached out to this man

and grasped it with

a love he hadn't felt

for many a year.

Slowly he sank to the floor.

Tears fell onto his cheeks

as though he had been

released from all his pain.

Not a single word

passed their lips.

when at the next stop

he released her grip,

and disappeared into the crowds.

The old woman sat there sobbing

after he'd gone.

Not out of pity for herself,

but for just another poor

stranger lost in himself.


Alan is 65 and retired and has been writing for just over 2 years. He mainly writes poems and the occasional song. His twitter account is @fevrules. His interests are Rugby League, writing, reading and nature.

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