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Product Review of the Smith Corona XL 1500 Model by Bobby Fairfox

I spent an afternoon, with a typewriter, typing typos.

MS Word kills your dreams! — It autocorrects all your typos.

Yes, it’s ridiculous, for a few misspells, to hold you liable,

But understand, this is the law, this is no place for typos.

Dongluan as luandong displays THAT delusion1 of psychos;

1: The manifesto of May 14th is a manifesto of typos.

Freedom to chaos is close, through a downward spiral.

Worse to believe in nothing than to believe in typos.

We did ask for your consent, but it’s not for you to sign “NO”!

(if you remove it right now, we could say it’s just a typo…)

“Blood type-B’s are grumpier”, studied the discipline’s new disciple.

After perfect expatriations, Plato admitted only type-O’s.

KI-KA the day away. Keyboard tunes delightful.

Better a poem of cliché than a poem of typos!


Bobby Fairfox is a juggler and sing-and-dance man. He likes Zola. Recently he took a break from his university work and he's not doing much recently. Twitter: @CFairfox

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